Is there anybody out there?

Hi all weheartmax followers!

It has been a LONG time since I opened this page, but have just had a read back over the posts from that first year of Max’s treatment! Wow, what a way to reminisce…

We have come so far and I cannot believe he is due to finish treatment in August of this year! How excited I am is beyond words…

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi really! And also share the news that we are over the moon to announce that we are expecting another baby in August… What a big month that will be! I am now 14 weeks and everything is going smoothly. The boys came to our 12 week scan and they are pretty happy about it too (maybe that will be until we have a new baby in the house)!

Until next time…


The last post…

A year’s gone by! It’s been a roller coaster ride but we’re pleased to report that its all getting easier as we become more and more familiar with the ups and downs of Max’s treatment plan – the little guy is just amazing and he’s doing so well!!

We couldn’t have got this far without an awesome support crew of family, friends and even strangers. We’ve learnt a lot more about ourselves and our friends, we’ve helped raise some money for child cancer and we’ve come to appreciate good health and good times!

On that note, it’s an appropriate time to move on to the next chapter and we’ve decided to make this our last blog post! This blog has been an awesome means of keeping in touch, fundraising and keeping us focused upon all things positive. We’ve had some awesome comments come through over the past year and we plan to print each blog entry and create a book for Max to have down the track.

Thanks to all our readers!

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These are from our trip to the Auckland Zoo last weekend… 🙂

Closed 4good

The next exciting chapter for us is 4good, a charitable trust which we recently established with a group of friends here in Tauranga. Launching 1 July, 4good will allow everyday kiwi’s (not sure if it will work for australians!) to give $4 per month to a NZ charity which will change every month. Somewhat appropriately, the first charity will be child cancer – I hope you’lll join us and whip out your credit card to donate $4 to this awesome cause and also many more great charities as the year goes on!

Thanks everyone, you’re amazing and we love ya!




Max and the Fire Truck!

Max was stoked to have a mountain of toys delivered in a real fire truck on Friday afternoon! Thanks so much to Make a Wish – the smile on Max’s face tells it all. I’ve added a quick video to my Facebook page (couldn’t work out how to add it here sorry!)

Check out the BOP Times Article here. There’s also some great Photos thanks to Dean Preston from Life by Lens. Awesome!

I’d better be brief as we’re all heading out the door to Auckland. Off to the Zoo today and we have Max’s 3 month lumbar puncture/chemo tomorrow at Starship.

Thanks to everyone who came along or had a part to play in Friday afternoons fun!



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A look back…

So, we are coming up to 1 year since Max’s diagnosis! I really can’t believe we have made it through the year reasonably unscathed.

I just wanted to share a montage of photos from the past year, to recap some of the good (and not soo good) moments….

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Max and Finn both have colds at the moment! I had to take Max to hospital Saturday night/Sunday morning (3am) as his temperature rose to 38.6 C. His port was accessed and bloods were taken. Everything was fine and we were sent home Sunday morning with Antibiotics.

We are due to go up to Starship for Chemo and a Lumbar Puncture on Monday, so fingers crossed he is well enough for treatment. We are hoping to visit the Auckland Zoo while we are up there, thanks to the Child Cancer Foundation.



Since our last blog we’ve had another round of chemo which went well. Max isn’t very keen on having his port accessed (screaming, kicking etc) so we’ve been working with the play specialist at the hospital to come up with some ways to make the experience better for all. We’ve now got a cool bed time story book which goes through the trip to hospital, applying the numbing cream, putting the green stuff on and staying still for the needle etc so let’s see how that goes!

Long story short, Max is doing really well, his treatment is all on track and he’s a happy and healthy boy at this stage! In other cool news, thanks to Ilse for doing an epic fundraising trip for Max and her nephew Niko!

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Boys will be boys…

I love my two boys, really I do! But, boy are they hard work!!!

Finn is now at that age (18 months) where he likes to explore everything. And Max is at the age (3 going on 13) where he likes to stop Finn exploring everything!!! It drives me nuts some days!

So today, when I over-heard Max inviting Finn into his room to play with him, I was thrilled!! Max actually does like his little brother. Long may it continue… (one can only wish!)

I had to take Max to the hospital last Thursday. He got an insect bite (of which kind, we are unsure) that got infected! His knee was all red, hard and swollen. Other than a little itch, it didn’t really bother him. Bloods were taken and he was given a prescription for anti-biotics. It is much better now. He is due for chemo at the Tauranga Hospital next Monday, then back to Starship the following Month.

Here are some photos af our troublesome, but loving boys. Max’s hair is getting quite long. Although, seeing him next to Finn, it doesn’t seem like much at all! Enjoy 🙂

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Monthly chemo…

Max had his monthly Chemo at the Tauranga Hospital yesterday (Monday). It all went to plan, which was expected. His bloods are all fine and he also started his 5 day cycle of Dexamethasone (steroids). He got an Easter bunny with a chocolate egg from Debbie, the Tauranga Hospitals play specialist. Finn didn’t miss out either!

Here are some of the latest photos of Max’s hair progress, plus some others…

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